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Designed and Made in Los Angeles, California

Daniella Clarke’s trajectory as a denim pioneer is an amazing tale. A denim visionary, Daniella kicked off the low-rise jeans trend during the late 1990s, altering the denim landscape forever. Although she has increased the rise of the best selling “Perfect Fit” jean, to accommodate contemporary demands, Daniella’s spot-on style sensibility has never waned; she is not merely “on trend” but “beyond trend.”

Frankie B. is edgy and unabashedly sexy for the body-confident woman — the brand was born out of Daniella’s time during the late 1990s while touring with her guitarist husband Gilby Clarke (Gun’s n Roses). Daniella and Gilby have a daughter, Frankie, who was the inspiration behind the brands moniker. Daniella’s collection embodies this aspirational lifestyle, offering authenticity in its rock n roll styling. Frankie B offers an unparalleled selection of their famously sexy fitting bottoms including premium denim fabrics, original prints, jeggings, unique embellishments, and a myriad of shorts with stud details and unique dye treatments. Novelty fabrics and washes are driving the business, and Frankie B offers an array of show stopping, impactful bottoms in premium fabrics with lots of stretch for the ultimate in comfort!